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The focus of the Ports Security Corps Limited (PSC) at the time of its establishment and deployment was primarily the security of the ports of entry in order to prevent the trafficking of illicit drugs and other contrabands and to restrict the passage of unauthorized persons to port areas.


The PSC is also required to meet the regulatory requirements of the USA's Federal Aviation Authority as related to airport security and safety affecting the aviation industry of the United States of America .


The Corps has operated successfully in all areas to which Officers have been assigned. A high drug detection rate has been maintained at both international airports. The security Officers of the Corps play a positive role in the reduction of smuggling and the narcotics trade through Jamaica's ports and in creating a more favourable climate for tourist activities.


Our main objectives are to:


To prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas of air, seaports and all other locations;

To prevent the entry and exit of contraband in and out of the island;

To create an atmosphere conducive to the safety of workers, passenger vessels, aircrafts and all legitimate port users, AND

To develop an early warning system based on a structured approach to gathering, storing and retrieval and analysis of intelligence.


The objectives of the Corps are achieved through the intense training and deployment of a cadre of over 900 security officers to the various locations at which service is provided. Officers are trained in: Aviation Security; Maritime Security; Industrial Security; Intelligence Gathering; Narcotics Interdiction Techniques; Narcotic Detection; Radio Communication; Civics and Tourism; Public Relations; Personal Development and Physical Develpment.


"Our mission is to provide security with the highest level of integrity through the development and deployment of a professional cadre of officers, in fulfillment of our mandate to protect our ports of entry, our tourism product and our export trade in the national interest, while sustaining the viability of the Organization."



The vision of PSC is to be re-positioned and recognized as the main provider of Security, Security Management and Advisory Services for the ports of Jamaica and to maximize our efficiency and profitability.


At Port Security Corps we strive to be a World Class leader in Aviation and Maritime Security through commitment to our mission and by extention through operational and corporate excellence.



The Ports Security Corps will realize its vision through:


Contributing to a highly secure air and sea transportation system


Fostering ethics and values; and

Being cost effective


Continuously improving through the implementation of best practices

Striving for excellence


Ensuring quality input resources (technology, equipment, etc.)

Networking with partners


Ensuring quality work environment and working condition

Establishing clear accountabilities


Enforcing adherence to goals and objectives

Being innovative


Ensuring professional capabilities of management and supervisory staff


I pledge...

before the God of Air and Sea and upon this Crest and Flag

That my heart, prepared by quiet meditation will be brave and caring

That my mind, alert and informed will unravel the designs of the devious

That my body, disciplined, developed and true will garrison our values and enforce our cause


With vigilant eyes, I will keep the watch;

With strong arms, I will repel the enemy;

With swift feet, I will hasten to serve and protect

and with the full extent of my powers, I will defend the Airports and Seaports of Jamaica...

So help me God.


"Bless O Lord this Corps. Create among us a spirit of Comradeship and Loyalty to one another. When we are called to obey, let us obey with willingness. When we are called to rule, make us rule with Justice. Drive away from us all wickedness and unclean acts. Build us up in body, mind and spirit until we become the elite organization that was designed to safeguard the airports and seaports of Jamaica ."